What we do

Whether buying or selling, you should be aware of anything affecting the property such as proposals by government departments, illegal building work, or outstanding rates and taxes.

In order to obtain this information, we will conduct the appropriate searches and inquiries on your behalf, as well as:

  • Verify your Identity

  • Ask you to sign a client authorisation

  • Search the Certificate of Title

  • Search government departments and local authorities such as a local council

  • Provide advice on the effect of the contract for the sale of land

  • Prepare and certify legal documents

  • Stamp required documents

  • Calculate the adjustments of rates and taxes

  • Prepare settlement statements

  • Liaising with mortgagees and financiers

  • Facilitate e-conveyancing (Pexa)

  • Store relevant document for 7 years

  • Notify local government of change of ownership of property